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About Us

GarageBot is an FTC team based in San Diego. We compete in a world-wide competition called the FIRST Tech Challenge where we have to design and program a robot to complete different tasks during the robot game. GarageBot has competed in five different seasons: Rover Ruckus, Skystone, Ultimate Goal, Freight Frenzy, and Power Play. We were ranked the best rookie team in the Rover Ruckus season and qualified for the World Championship in Houston during the Skystone season. 

Our Team

Captain & Lead Programmer

My passion for computer science started when I formed a FIRST Lego League robotics team in middle school and eventually co-founded GarageBot in high school. The FIRST Tech Challenge has been a vital part of my programming journey, and I love the hands-on approach. I'm fascinated by control theory, motion kinematics, and algorithms. In addition to leading the software team, I organize outreach and help with building. Outside of robotics, I love playing soccer, competing in Taekwondo, and playing piano.

Naythan Chan
12th Grade
Mechanical Engineer

This is my 10th year of doing robotics! My journey into competitive robotics started in 3rd grade when I joined my school’s FIRST Lego League Junior team. I was instantly captivated by both the building of the robot and the programming. Robotics became a passion that eventually led me to pursue developing my java programming skills. I continued to do robotics, progressing to FLL and eventually FTC. Outside of robotics, I love to play tennis and go hiking. I also enjoy baking and playing piano, violin and saxophone.

12th Grade

Coding and programming has always caught my interest in the past and even more so now that I can learn it at a steady pace. Something about being able to create code and see it function is very enjoyable and satisfying. I have heard many great things about GarageBot and am excited to be able to help and contribute to the team in any way. I also enjoy playing soccer, listening to music, and competing in track.

Nick Young
12th Grade
Mechanical Engineer

I started robotics in 5th grade and then did not do it for a few years. I took a class on CAD in 9th grade and then in 10 grade i joined this FTC team. I did not know what to expect from FTC but as I attended more meetings  it grew on me and is now something I really enjoy. Outside of robotics I am a dancer and I have been dancing for 7.5 years. My interests are Business Finance and Real Estate.

Paarul Goel
11th Grade

I am most interested in the outreach section of FTC. Making an impact on my community and helping other people is something I’m very passionate about. FTC has inspired me even more to make connections with my community. Outside of robotics, I enjoy hanging out with friends and running cross country for my school.

Sheridan Yang
10th Grade

I’m so excited to be back into robotics again after doing FLL for a couple years and taking a break. I’m focusing on coding but also contributing to the building as well. In my free time I love to go to the beach to read, and I enjoy traveling and learning languages.

Maira Clotfelter Bastias
12th Grade
Mechanical Engineer

I have always been interested in STEM and I am excited to be a part of this robotics team. I briefly learned about robotics in 6th grade and I am looking forward to getting involved with robotics in more depth, especially the building aspect. Outside of robotics, I enjoy working in a research lab and rowing. In my free time, I like painting, listening to music, and spending time with friends.

Maya Mehta
12th Grade
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