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My passion for robotics and engineering began seven years ago when I was part of a FIRST LEGO League team that was invited to the World Championship in St. Louis, representing Southern California. I was mesmerized and excited by putting together various gears, structural beams, and other parts to assemble a working robot. Robotics allows me to express my creativity in designing and building various mechanisms to complete the game’s challenges. In my free time, I am an avid soccer player and practice Taekwondo, as well.

Garrek Chan
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Robotics and problem solving have always been interests of mine, so I joined robotics to pursue my passion for engineering. Participating in FTC has opened up far more doors to different fields of engineering than I anticipated, and after expanding my horizons, I want to pursue artificial intelligence development. In addition to robotics, I enjoy music composition and playing Bari Saxophone.

Jacob Doughty
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I am extremely excited about the opportunities that the FIRST Tech Challenge provides. I am passionate about making connections with my community through STEM and outreach events. I also enjoy music and volleyball.

Kastien Chambliss

My affection for building robots started with a Lego NXT set early in my childhood, growing over the years until the start of my freshman year in high school. Since the start of High school I have participated in many FIRST related events like First Tech Challenge and First Robotics Competition. Robotics has introduced me to the intricacies of all the possible mechanisms available and the usefulness of planning on paper and on CAD.  These past few years in FIRST have caused me to discover my passion for mechanics and design, while starting me on my career path towards becoming a Mechanical Engineer. My interests/hobbies other than robotics are music, swimming, and figure skating.


I gained interest in robotics when me, my brother, and a couple family friends gained LEGO NXT sets as children playing with them up until around the seventh grade. After a year, I started participating in First Tech Challenge. Working in a FIRST team has given me a lot of appreciation for people in the engineering fields, and has helped me learn about things like the design process. My hobbies include playing video games, and also designing games.

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